Signs You Need A New Roof

There may be several signs you need a new roof

Roofing ContractorOwning your own home is a wonderful achievement. You work hard for your money, and your home is probably your largest investment. Home insurance is a must, and maintenance is very necessary to prevent damage.

Obviously, water leaking into your living room, signifies that you have damage to your roof. Wind or hail damage will allow water to infiltrate your living spaces and damage your ceiling, drywall, insulation carpeting, furniture and more! Discovering this type of damage can be scary, intimidating and a bit overwhelming.

Contacting a professional would be a wise decision. Inspections won’t cost you a dime.

Less obvious signs of a failing roof

  • Roof age. How old is your existing asphalt shingle roof? Roof warranties are limited. In time any roof will fail due to age. Granule loss and brittleness can be the result of an over-aged roof.
  • Shingles curling and buckling. Shingles that are curled or buckling are another sign that you may need a new roof. Heat (shown in the example below can cause severe damage).
  • Roof valleys will often fail first – meaning that they take the brunt of water and shed it from your roof quickly. You’ll likely find more wear in and around valleys.
  • Missing shingles is a sign of wind damage and should be addressed immediately
  • Chimney flashings may show damage from wind or hail – check your roof covering closely if flashings are dented or missing
  • Shingle granules in the gutters will tell you that wind or hail damage may be present. With time, shingles will lose granules and they will end up in your gutters. But, it is a sign that you might need a new roof – whatever the cause.
  • Daylight through the roof boards is an obvious sign that your roof has failed. If you are up in your attic for an inspection beneath the roof, you should check for daylight… an immediate sign that shingles are missing from above.

Common signs of unseen roof damage

Heat Damage

Heat and Sun Damaged RoofThe scorching hot Oklahoma summers can wreak havoc on a composition roof. Blistering under the sun’s rays will leave your shingles weak… and in turn, brittle. If you don’t have proper attic ventilation, you can bet your roof will give you signs of failing.

The image above is an aged and heat damaged roof covering. These composition shingles have been exposed to the elements, with improper attic ventilation for many years. However, the point is to show you the extreme effects of sun and heat.

The blistering and lifting of these asphalt shingles will potentially cause extreme damage to roof sheathing (substructure) and eventually cause your roof to leak.

It’s always best to hire professional services to replace the rotted or damaged asphalt shingles.

Hail Damage

During the springtime, we experience storms in Oklahoma. Now, that’s not simply a prediction… it is a fact. We routinely have hailstorms, windstorms and everything in between.

Many new insurance adjusters may find it difficult to spot minor hail damage. But, the severity of even minor damage will cause your roof to fail prematurely. It is important to know what to look for.

Hail damage will reveal itself in the form of bruising, loss of granules, and the loss of pieces of shingles or entire tabs. Larger hailstones may even penetrate the roof sheathing causing major water damage below. The image below shows moderate to severe traces of hail damage.

Signs you need a new roof

Notice how the hail damaged area appears as a bruise. In time, this bruise will cause the shingle to deteriorate quickly. A roof with this type of visual damage should be replaced very soon if you want to avoid more extensive damage to your home. This is possibly one of the most overlooked signs you need a new roof.

Wind Damage

Wind damaged roofs and shingles sometimes go unnoticed for years, until the big day comes. The day when you find water pouring into the interior of your home. With wind damage, there may not be signs you need a new roof until it’s too late. The pro’s at Restoration Roofing will help you identify damage quickly.

Will you know if there are signs you need a new roof?

The average homeowner will rarely (if ever) look up to the roof and inspect for signs of wind or hail damage.┬áHaving your roof inspected periodically (especially after an Oklahoma storm) will give you peace of mind, and won’t cost a penny.

Call one of our friendly customer service reps for a free inspection today. You’ll learn how to identify signs you need a new roof, and we’ll work with your insurance company. Call (580) 324-3639